sable sheep

I’m legit geeking out over this particular track! For the past several weeks i’ve been struggling as to what would be my first music post on this blog. Struggle no more… Before I delve into the post I must state that I connect to music both by the physical and emotional feelings that it evokes. While my musical tastes have always been varied, my main musical tastes of late (the past two years or so) has been that of an electronic nature. The majority of the music I discuss on here will be of the indie dance, nudisco, deephouse, g-house, garage, tech house, minimal, techno and all other subsets of house music genre variety, BUT will not be limited to just that.



Having grown up in Southern Ohio until the age 10 (before my family moved to Toronto) you would have thought that I was a big lover of country, folk and bluegrass. Fact is I loathed the sound as a child. It wasn’t until the movie ‘O Brother Where Art Thou‘ came into my life via my Dad; a southern boy at heart, born and raised in Ohio with deep family roots from the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee that I garnered an appreciation for the distinct sound. At the age of 16 I was visiting Ohio one summer and my Dad made me watch the movie with him. Immediately we connected not just through the movie but also through the soundtrack, if you’ve yet to listen to it I suggest you get on it! The vocal musings of Ralph Stanley are imbued continuously throughout the soundtrack, his voice is just as intense and gritty as Johnny Cash. It’s a force to be reckoned with and once it touches you in that raw and haunting way it will never you leave you.

From the moment I heard this track I knew the sample was Ralph Stanley. Initially I thought it was ‘O Death‘ from the ‘O’ Brother’ soundtrack but upon further inspection I realized it’s the beginning of ‘Fire in the Blood/Snake Song‘ by The Bootleggers feat Ralph Stanley from the Lawless soundtrack. I came across the track in a Tapesh set that a friend played for me. Never in my wildest musical dreams did I think that I would hear Ralph Stanley pump through a deep house set that was played in Ibiza or think that a tech-house track could so perfectly draw on the indelible print that a powerful bluegrass gospel vocal can often leave on you. Talk about two worlds colliding, thats some truly deep shit right there!

It kicks in with that tech house percussion we all love and not even five seconds in the sample quietly and eerily creeps up. If you’ve never heard of Ralph Stanley before maybe it doesn’t seem as meaningful but for someone like myself I knew instantly what this beauty was and I was hooked. There’s nothing I love more than polar sounds melding together so seamlessly and effortlessly that it makes perfect sense. Throughout the song the sample continues to build as it comes in and out. It’s one of those tracks that allows the vocals to be the shining star but don’t ever doubt the varying layers of percussion and the bass line because they stand just as well on their own and this song will not let you forget that.

This is the first time i’ve heard of Sable Sheep and already i’m a fan. With a seemingly modest following on Soundcloud and slightly larger following on Facebook he’s had releases on Moon Harbour, Defected, and Be As One with the track ‘Painting My Fur‘ as his most well known track to date. I love stumbling upon artists in such a way and he’s definitely one that i’m going to keep on my radar, especially after creating a crossroad of diverging musical tastes by bringing them together in a complementary and pragmatic way.

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