My love affair with photographing graffiti started just over two years ago shortly after I discovered what HDR photography is. Merging the two together? Well that just makes perfect sense and is one of my favorite techniques/subjects.

Last weekend I was off to Montreal for the first official Hushlamb jam. Having been almost two years since I last visited the beautiful city and whole day to explore by myself I knew immediately what I wanted to do. I took to the streets with my camera in search of the strikingly world famous graffiti the quaint city has to offer. I was given an ace tip on where to look so I set out on my adventure. Moving in the general direction of my tip I knew I was on to the right track when I was handed a flyer for a graffiti pop-up shop happening later this month. The strapping young fellow who was promoting was even kind enough to show me the back alley where I could find all the juicy paint splashed on brick. Along Rue Sainte Catherine tucked between Rue Sainte Denis and Bout St. Laurent were corners and corners upon alleyways full of the glorious street art. Seriously a gal could get lost for days between all the vibrant colors and illicit markings. While the day was colder than anticipated I toughed it out. I even found a public street art exhibition and made a move down to ‘Old Town’ in spite of my sore legs and frozen finger tips. More photo’s of those adventures coming soon. For now here is what I stumbled upon, hope you kiddies enjoy!


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