It’s definitely been a hot minute since I posted on here. My apologies for the brief pause in ‘The Jax Effect’ programming kiddies, these things happen sometimes. As promised in my last post, below is another set of awesome photo’s I took on my weekend trip to Montreal back in April.

As I was wading through an abundance of Graffiti through the downtown streets I stumbled upon an artist run street exhibit just steps from Metro St. Laurent. The exhibit is called dare you ask…. Dare Dare. The beauty of my stumble was that an artist was there finishing up a piece. Where I may lack in french speaking abilities I make up for in a friendly face. The artist approached me while I was taking various photo’s around the area and asked if I would take some shots of him while he was spray painting the outside of shipping container gold. I’m not sure if anything was actually inside the container but it was pretty dope!

In true Jaclyn fashion I quickly obliged and busted out my tripod to get some HDR shots and some regular shots as well. The results were phenomenal and culminated in one of my favorite photos not just from the whole trip but probably in my portfolio all together.

If you are ever venturing through Montreal at anytime I suggest checking out this street exhibit that appears to change as often as the wind blows, you never know what you’ll come across! 


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